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GroupSystems new generation software: Thinktank

BROOMFIELD COLORADO, August 2006 - GroupSystems announces the new generation collaboration software: Thinktank

GroupSystems, the world leader in group intelligence


GroupSystems and exhibit at the IAF Conference 6-8 october Stockholm

IAF represents leading facilitators around the world that enable groups and teams to achieve breakthrough results. GroupSystems, the champion for Group Intelligence, combines...

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GroupSupport facilitates merger proces of local Rabobank branche offices

LIMBURG, May 2006 - GroupSystems was successfully used in Rabobank merger process of local branch offices

With GroupSystems, the members of the Rabobank Centraal Plateau Limburg, Heuvelland, Mergelland and Simpelveld discussed the merger of their branch offices.


GroupSystems successfully used in citizen participation project

With GroupSystems, citizens could contribute interactively on the question how they visualize the municipality of Someren in the year 2020. The citizens were asked to give clear contributions concerning the subjects identity, growth, countryside, ...

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