GroupSystems Provides Major Benefits to Organizations and Teams

More efficient meetings
Many organizations report dramatic reductions in meeting times. Surveys indicate more than three times as much work can be accomplished in the same amount of time.

Shorter project cycle times
Many organizations are realizing almost unbelievable reductions. Product development times are being shortened to less than 50% of previously recorded times.

Fewer meetings
Meeting results are instantly available and organized in ways that makes it easy to follow up with timely action plans. More project work can take place between scheduled meetings.

Increased commitment
Everyone who contributes to a decision, including those responsible for implementing it, can be present and take part efficiently. Most meetings have more than 15 participants.
Improved quality of decisions
The system enables optimum group dynamics. Anonymity can insure that ideas are considered on their own merit. The organization of ideas is greatly facilitated.
Improved communications
Teamwork and inter-team cooperation is greatly improved. Most work teams experience, often for the very first time, the process of real group-work and continuous process improvement.