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Free Trial: ThinkTank Brainstorming and Decision-Making Technology
ThinkTank™ real-time group collaboration software enables breakthrough group brainstorming, problem solving, prioritization, consensus building, strategic alignment, and decision-making.  Log in now as a guest "session" leader and you can view session templates we’ve created or create your own.  Invite up to 2 of your colleagues for real-time collaboration at no charge.  No email or registration is required. Note that this is a public team space that will be cleansed periodically.

Here´s how to get started:
Step 1) Download the Quick Start Guide
Step 2) Select a guest name and password from the list, you´ll need it when you log in.




Step 3) On the ThinkTank login screen, select the session leader tab.

Step 4) Type in the guest name and password.

Step 5) Click New to create a ThinkTank session and follow the session wizard.

**This is a public team space and will be cleansed periodically.