Moderation/ Facilitation Skills/ Advanced

Target Group
GroupSystems and Facilitators who al ready participated in the fundamental skills course.

After the course the student:

  • Can configure a process in GroupSystems based on generic Thinklets
  • Run a (virtual) meeting with an appropriate selection of Thinklets
  • Will have in depth knowledge of 14 Thinklets concerning five process aspects (Diverge, Converge, Organize, Evaluate, Build Consensus)
  • Will be able to improve and enhance the intake process
  • Understand complex electronic meeting situations
  • Perform basic troubleshooting

2 days course

Every GroupSystems and GroupSystems II facilitator should take this training. In this advanced training the facilitator learns to use generic concepts (Thinklets). Practical experience and learning from each other's mistakes is an important part of the course.


  • Slides
  • A set of recent articles on GSS
  • Manual: ThinkLets – Building Blocks for Concerted Collaboration
  • Reference Manual: Meeting planning
  • Summary cards of all the tools (GroupSystems or GroupSystems II)
  • Summary cards of 14 ThinkLets
  • GroupSystems II task with the training content (14 ThinkLets)

Michèl van Eekhout

Availability of the Course
The course can be given in house in the user´s organization. An ´open´ course at is given every two months.