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Facilitating: if we can not make it easier, can we make it more fun?

On Friday 15th of June 2007 the Stichting Faciliteren in de Benelux, or IAF-Benelux, organises its fourth consecutive conference on facilitation with the theme:
Facilitating: if we can not make it easier, can we make it more fun?


New: Whitepaper GroupSystems on innovation

An organization cannot flourish without innovation. As more work gets shifted to project and program teams, the ability for teams to generate ideas, organize them, set priorities and make decisions with accountability has made its way to the center of organizational strategy.


Expediting Innovation 2007

GroupSystems Conference: Expediting Innovation 2007; Best practices in Group Intelligence Conference.
24 & 25 April 2007 Denver, Colorado USA

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GroupSystems Structures Group Collaboration on IBM's Lotus Sametime 7.5 Platform

GroupSystems Corporation now possesses the ability to integrate ThinkTankā„¢, its brainstorming, facilitation and collaboration technology, with IBM Lotus Sametime 7.5. ThinkTankā„¢, launched in July 2006, expedites innovation and reduces costs by...


Gartner article: Web Conferencing Amplifies Dysfunctional Meeting Practices By: Tom Austin, Nikos Drakos, Jeffry Mann

Gartner Inc. conducts research in the market of Group Decision (Support) Systems (GDSS) and Meeting Facilitation Tools. In their latest publication they evaluate GroupSystems as best...

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