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Facilitating: if we can not make it easier, can we make it more fun?

On Friday 15th of June 2007 the Stichting Faciliteren in de Benelux, or IAF-Benelux, organises its fourth consecutive conference on facilitation with the theme:
Facilitating: if we can not make it easier, can we make it more fun?

Explanation of theme
As a facilitator you're the ´regulator´ of the communicating processes, making it easier for others, but because of the number of variables to manage - more difficult for your self. Certainly so when you're looking for your borders, your abilities. Therefore: we can't make it easier, but we can add some fun. In this conference we're offering you new perspectives and options on how YOU can make your facilitation more fun and easier.

Do group
We are not just thinking of moderators, process facilitators, trainers, coaches, meeting leaders or directors, but also of people that wish to (more, better) lead by facilitating like (creative) consultants, (project-, interim-) managers, information and business analysts, P&O-employees, teachers and leaders in general. Our pursuit is to increase knowledge, skills, art and the practice of effectively facilitating groups. Learning by doing!

Purpose conference
The purpose if the conference is to learn together how to make facilitating even more fun. Participants can find their own answers to questions like:
What do I think of this workshop, this method, technique?
What would be fun for me to explore with other facilitators?
What can we do with this?

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