GroupSystems takes the pain out of the meeting process. It helps your teams think outside the box, accelerate the knowledge process, and generate superior results faster.
GroupSystems allows team members to come together and generate more ideas than ever before, evaluate their relative merits, make decisions and reach consensus. All in about half the time of a traditional meeting.          

Furthermore, it’s a smarter, more productive way for people to share expertise, express more complete thoughts and work together in harmony. The human results are better "buy-in" and faster "consensus". GroupSystems software gathers implicit knowledge and gets to the point faster. Not only does it lower travel expenses, it enables productivity anytime and anyplace without information overload.

How GS worksHow GroupSystems Works

  1. Leader defines challenge
  2. Facilitator designs Workspace based on desired result
  3. Team enters Workspace
  4. Facilitator guides Team through Activities
  5. Session ends with self-documented reports


Thinktank sets the new standard for Brainstorming, Consensus-Building, Decision-Making and Collaboration Technology.

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