ThinkTank™ elevates your Group Intelligence. It is the latest group intelligence technology offering for structured collaboration using your common web-browser. Whether your chosen environment is Internet Explorer or Firefox, ThinkTank™ puts group intelligence at your fingertips.

With ThinkTank™, conduct group sessions face-to-face, virtually on a distributed basis, or in combination to innovate, organize, plan and achieve consensus faster than ever before, at less than 50% of the cost of traditional group sessions.

Our ThinkTank™ application offers the latest evolution of our proven tools and processes in one easy to use, dynamic interface. Use ThinkTank™ for brainstorming, organizing, prioritizing, evaluating, identifying and documenting your innovation process.

Meeting Startup- Allows leaders to quickly set-up sessions

  • The leader is led through key data points by the ‘New Meeting Wizard’.
  • Meeting startup will automatically create email invitations, set-up meeting URLs, and email this information to the selected participants.
  • Meeting startup utilizes meeting ID’s and passwords linked to a specific meeting, not user, making it easier for participants to remember the login info and gain access.
  • Participants merely click on the embedded URL in their email, and type the meeting passkey to enter the meeting.
  • Makes on-the-fly sessions fast and easy to organize.

Agenda-Improved for ease of use and convenience

  • Intuitive and easy to use Drag and drop menus make it easy for a leader to organize effective meetings.
  • A list of activities is provided (Categorizer, Alternative Analysis, etc.) and the leader easily selects what activities and in what order using the drag and drop functionality.

Categorizer- Provides flexibility and usability for leader and participants

  • Categorizer assists groups in three common group activities: generating lists of ideas, brainstorming comments that elaborate on/or support the ideas, and creating categories for the ideas.

Alternative Analysis-Allows participants to vote and prioritize ideas

  • Alternative Analysis supports collaborative efforts in a variety of analysis and evaluation tasks.

Reports with Graphs- Charts, graphs and reports are instantly available

  • The improved visual impact and organization of information greatly enhances the overall quality of reports.
  • These improvements make reporting easier to use and aid in effectively communicating the collective intelligence generated.