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Prices All prices in this offer are VAT Exclusive.
Delivery Free of charge, Import Duty Inclusive.
Delivery time   To be determined.
Dollar/Euro rate: The Dollar/Euro rate is determined at the time of invoicing.
Payment Term  Licenses   Full payment up front.
Payment Term  Services  30 days after invoice date.
Cancellation workshops   Within 5 working days before session date, 50% of the quotation
Validity length 30 days.

With the exception of the conditions as agreed in this quotation, all our transactions are subject to the "General Conditions for the instruments branch", as deposited at the " Griffie van de Arrondissementsrecht­bank" in Utrecht, Netherlands as well as at the Chamber of Commerce and Factories in Amersfoort, Netherlands.

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When circumstances arise which - outside the influence of GroupSupport - have a direct demonstrable consequence on the time period, which is required for the actual execution of the services, through which the services cannot be carried out consecutively or according to project planning, then GroupSupport is entitled to charge accompanying additional costs.