When To Use

The starting-point for everyone who considers using GroupSystems in his organization, is always very similar: You have a group of people that has to come together for a reason, and you want them to share information in an interactive way, plus you want them to reach a specific goal within limited time. Such a goal can range from the assessment of risks, to the evaluation of e.g. suppliers, to the rise of commitment within your team during a decision process, to the invention of a new corporate strategy, to etcetera, etcetera.            

GroupSystems can be used for various applications, see the list below.

  • Strategic planning
  • Human Capital Management and other HR uses
  • Product development
  • Six Sigma
  • Sales and Operations Planning
  • Marketing Focus Groups
  • Risk and control self-assessment
  • Succession planning
  • Supplier evaluation
  • Software evaluation
  • Business process re-engineering
  • Quality circles and other TQM processes
  • Joint-authored proposals and documents
  • Requirements development to support acquisitions
  • Dozens more solutions