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GroupSystems Conference: Expediting Innovation 2007; Best practices in Group Intelligence Conference.

24 & 25 April 2007 Denver, Colorado USA

What is Expediting Innovation 2007?
The 2007 GS User Group Conference will educate and evangelize: current and former customers, and some prospects, will share and receive best practice advice and techniques on ThinkTank and associated tools. We will help our customers achieve remarkable career and organizational success with ThinkTank by innovating learning how templates and techniques with ThinkTank expedite innovation.

Who should attend?
Project managers, program managers, strategic planners, business analysts, knowledge managers, facilitators, and anyone who is tasked with working more collaboratively with others!

What opportunities are there for training?
There will be powerful training/user skills development event and all attendees will receive a certificate of attendance provided they attend both days, plus copies of all content. There will be a one-hour discussion/coaching session after the conference on what needs have emerged that we can help them solve to be more effective Group leaders

Why is it in Denver?
Downtown Denver offers many attractions for visitors including great restaurants, exciting nightlife, and more. Plus the GroupSystems Corporate headquarters is just a short ┬Ż hour drive from Denver. We will be hosting tours on April 25, 2007.

What will I learn?
You will expand your knowledge of Group Intelligence and GroupSystems. The conference will contain information and training on GroupSystems technology, lectures on Group Intelligence and collaboration, as well as opportunities to network and learn from your fellow attendees, many of whom are thought leaders in the industry.

How many people will be attending?

For more information and registration please contact at +31 (0) 40 258 21 60 or

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